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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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I wrote this about 2 weeks ago, March 10, 2011. Posted as a comment as "natl indecency cmdr" or something close to that. I reread it tonight for the first time and I think it warrants a reposting. [unedited, after the Wisconsin assembly passed Walker's bill.]

"i detect a sense of defeatism amongst the wonkeratti. (is this new?)

can i ask you something?

are you dead? did we die and did no one tell us?

ok, we may have the sense of humor of someone w/ stage 4 cancer, but we are not dead yet.

you can give up. but they won't. "the race is not always won by the fastest runner but sometimes by those who just keep running" or something like that. go ahead and quit. it's so much easier. go and be like sarah palin and quit in the middle of a fight. go! fucking quit and fucking give up because the fight is too fucking hard.

you can give up. but they will not. they won't. they just won't. even after you quit they will continue to beat you down.

i could turn my back and move to ontario tomorrow. i could say, 'sorry, america. you have disappointed me one too many times and i knew i should have moved after 2004.' but i won't do it. hell, i have decided i can't do it. i can't let this country and this state devolve into an oligarchy run by 3 billionaires and millions of teabaggers w/ hoverrounds. i'm not going to let these jackasses run this place.

every punch they lay on us, they think 'this one is the death blow'. but then we get back up.

we wipe the blood from our lips. we wipe the tears from our eyes. we fucking get back the fuck up. because that's what scares them the most.

you, all of you, could have already quit. whether it was quitting this life or something less permanent like quitting politics. but you didn't. you're reading this. you have not quit. because, somewhere in that beautiful, snark-encrusted heart of yours, you actually give a shit. if you didn't give a shit, how in the hell would you find wonkette?

no, admit it. you care. a little. but you care.

so, if you're anything like me -- and i suspect you are -- you have thought about ending it all. maybe not that severe, but you thought about giving up, in some form. because it was too difficult. because it seemed unattainable. because, because, because.

the only thing that can stop you is you.

the only thing that can stop us is us.

when you get right down to it, who stopped you? i got kicked in the teeth by the state govt of wisconsin today. did they stop me? did they stop thousands of my brothers and sisters on the capitol square this evening after the bill passed?

no. not really. (is there some dirt on my shoulders? could you brush it off for me?) it hurt. it fucking hurt like hell on a stick. but did we quit? no.

let them spew their filth. let them try to describe us as violent and read the one --and only! -- email some idiotic sociopath sent them. they didn't read the tens of thousands that begged them to stop.

have we become the things we mock? are we npr? are we acorn? are we going to let one stupid fuck w/ an email account stop us?

fuck them. fuck the bait-swallowing morons. fuck the idiots who believe it. fuck the media who feel forced to 'tell both sides' and barely tell one.

i am telling you, sisters and brothers, sitting here a mere 2 blocks from the capitol building: this shit ain't over. this shit has just fucking begun. if you think it's over then go join the orgy w/ newt and sarah palin. they'll be glad to have you. they love quitters. by quitting you become nothing more than the stupid-fuck suckers who believe every word they say.

yes, that was mean. tell me it isn't true. i dare you.

if you ignore the ignorance, is it any better than believing it? yes, yes, dear god, yes i know wonkeratti. it's so tiring, this fighting. dear god i know. and it's so easy to stop fighting.

the trouble with giving up is that this is not a fair fight. even if you surrender, they will keep hitting you. if you wave a white flag, they will steal that flag and shove it down your throat. if you are weak from hunger, they will wave food in front of your face and kick you in the teeth. if you are sick from disease they will demand you give up your children and children's children for your life-saving medicine... and then refuse it to you. if you can only stand w/ a cane, they will take that cane and beat your back with it until it is broken. and if you lie unconscious on the ground, they will throw your lifeless body to the hogs.

they won't stop, people. you can. but they won't.

this fight is endless. this fight is epic. an injury to one is an injury to us all.

this fight is not over.

this fight has just begun.

/wipes blood from lips, tears from eyes.

(peace. be strong. don't let the bastards drag you down.)"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have decided to create a blog so I can provide links and commentary to the events going on in Wisconsin, and other things. Also, I am unemployed and terribly broke. If you could help (please see PayPal button to the right) I would love you forever. Thank you.

More to come in the coming days and weeks and months (and years?).